A worthy addition to Bose’s portable speaker lineup |  Reviewed for Bose Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates





The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is heavy for its size, and that’s more a testament to its great build quality than taking anything away from it. The robust exterior with rounded rubber finish on top and bottom, and a seamless aluminum enclosure all around, shows off craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The pear shaped form factor apart from being aesthetically pleasing, keeps it from budging or tipping over easily.  There’s a standard auxiliary audio jack on the lower part of the speaker and an inbuilt microphone for making calls from a smartphone. It comes in two finishes – Matte Silver & Black – I reviewed the silver version but I imagine the sleeker black counterpart would be more to my liking.



For the size of the Bluetooth speakers, the sound quality on the Revolve+ is brilliant. It is loud enough to fill a large-enough drawing room which serves its purpose well.  I don’t profess to be an audiophile, but the deep bass and rich sound is apparent even to untrained ears. It’s very portable around the house or work place with a lantern-style carry handle. I don’t see myself travelling with it though - it’s slightly less mobile than say a JBL Flip which I would still prefer on the move.

The Revolve+ claims true 360 sound and it delivers. The thread attachment on the base is a nice touch so you can mount it on a tripod and raise it up to a comfortable height to take better advantage of the 360 sound. It can be paired with additional speakers via app, if just one of these babies won’t do for you. If someone gets to try out the multiple speaker setup I assume it will make for a trippy home theatre surround sound or at least a very loud one.

As per the box, a single charge lasts for a respectable 16 hours, and with my sporadic usage over the last few days the battery seemed to last really long. It’s proper water and shock resistant too, but I’m a little squeamish to test that out in this review. In my world, tech and water never agreed and never will. We’ll just have to take their word for it.

Is there any downside to these speakers?

They are costlier than their contemporaries but then again you are getting something worthwhile for the price and that is a given with the reliable Bose brand.  If you are willing to shell out some more there’s also a charging cradle available, which ideally should have been included in the package. There is a smaller Revolve speaker option available sans the handle if you’d like to go for a more affordable alternative.


Usage is pretty straightforward as one would expect with this kind of hardware. An almost unintelligible female robotic voice guides you through the Bluetooth connection process. I would prefer a ding or a simple notification sound over that, but that’s a minor gripe as the voice can be muted.

With so much win in this device, it’s little wonder the Soundlink Revolve+ has made its way to the ranks of ‘Best Speakers of 2017′ on many reviews. And rightly so.


- AG