Award-Winning Cars reimagined as Heroes


ITP Publishing’s Car Middle East  Magazine commissioned us to come up with a series of super-heroic renditions of 2010′s best cars. A unique idea by Editor Shahzad Sheikh, these exclusive artworks were to grace the pages of CAR Middle East magazine’s Special Awards Issue in January 2011. Alongside all the iconic heroes depicted, such as sword-wielding ninjas and norse warriors, our cyborg hero XE7 of ‘Xero Error’ fame, also made an appearance in the magazine.

Car Middle East magazine has since seen the team behind it transformed into  Motoring Middle East the new online powerhouse for all things automobile.

ITP was founded in 1987 in the UK, and won the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1995. Reflecting the international scope of its business, the company subsequently relocated to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It produces over 75 weekly & monthly publications regularly.

You can view the complete set of posters here:


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