On the momentous 10th anniversary of the Dubai International Film Festival, we would like to share a bit of trivia that not many might be aware of but it is something we remember very fondly:

The original branding unveiled by the Dubai International Film Festival in June 2004 featured a logo that we had designed ( a project via an agency which has since gone defunct).

To announce their then upcoming inaugural Film Festival which was slated for December 2004, the posters we designed for DIFF with the new branding were sprawled all over the local dailies with glorious full page spreads.


DIFF logo


Since then they had changed the branding to the Arabian horse that we’re all familiar with but this filmy falcon will always have a special place in our hearts. A moment of silence for our fine feathered friend that went away all too soon.

DIFF Changes

DIFF poster


Here’s what some of you had to say about the logo:




 ”To me I liked both, I’m not sure of the significance of the horse to your Culture, but they both represent some sort of “moving forward” concept. The falcon was more of a “freedom” concept though.” - Dakot Dwight Francis via Facebook.


 ”I think it’s better than the one they use, always liked it, had NO idea you did it!” – Michelle Nickelson via Facebook


 ”I dig it!” – Rus Wooton via Facebook


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